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Introduction – French Sing & Learn 1

Introduction video

Worksheet downloads available to course registrants on next page.

Video transcript

Bonjour!  Welcome to French Sing & Learn.  You and your students are in for a real treat as you sing your way to conversation.

Each of the 10 lessons in this course has 3 basic components:  an introduction for you – the parent/teacher, the student videos – both an explanation from me as well as the animated songs, and some ideas for activities and games to practice the vocabulary from the song.

In the teacher intro, I’ll give you some quick background info and some teaching tips.  I’ll give you a heads up on any supplies you need to gather for the lesson.  Don’t worry – none of these are complicated.  They will be things you have around the house already for the most part and I’ll always give you alternatives.  The intros will be in video format, but I’ll have the basic transcript in written form underneath.  It won’t match up word for word, but will give you the basic idea if you prefer to read over watching a video.  I do promise that the teacher videos are concise and to the point.

On the same page as the teacher intro video, just underneath, will be the download link for that lesson’s worksheet.   You can print as many copies as you need – one per student.   If you would rather print everything at once, you can use the download link under this video – one big pdf with all the sheets.  Keep a pile going and pull the sheets you need as you reach each lesson.

Also underneath the intro video for each lesson will be links to sheet music.  If you are musical and would like to spend some time playing the piano or other instrument and singing with your students, choose a link to get the music.  This part is obviously not required, but is available for those who would like to take things one step further.

After you watch the parent intro video, you’ll click through to the page for the students.   I’ll have an intro for them where I weave in a few French words, adding more each time.  Then, you’ll watch the animated videos of the song… as many times as you like.  The lyrics for each song will be on the student page in both English and French so those who can read are able to follow along.

After the song video, students will be instructed to complete the printed worksheet, and then I’ll give some suggestions for other games & activities to go with the theme of the song.  You don’t have to do everything.  Just pick and choose what you think will work for the children who are using this material.

Ready?  Let’s go!


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