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The Emerging Entrepreneur: Launching your part-time business in Canada (PDF download)



Detailed course info available here:


Get up and running with a profitable part-time business right now or get the knowledge and skills you need for the future.  This course will empower you to think outside the box.  In today’s economy, employers are searching for people who know how to develop ideas and solve problems.  Give yourself the edge you need to succeed.

This bundle contains ALL of these items:

  • * The Emerging Entrepreneur:  Launching your part-time business in Canada (Student Edition) self-study PDF download (136 pages)
  • * My Business E-Workbook PDF download (25 pages)
  • * Case Studies E-Workbook PDF download (69 pages)

The 8 module main text covers the following topics:

  • * The Five W’s (Getting started)
  • * Does my idea make cents? (Logistics)
  • * Putting the Cents Together (Financial Viability)
  • * Marketing
  • * Time Management
  • * Choose your own sales tax adventure (Sales Taxes)
  • * Bean counting and income taxes (Record Keeping and Income Taxes)
  • * Now what? (Evaluating progress)

Also included are download links for bookkeeping-made-easy templates to use in your business if you wish.  To view full table of contents, click here.

The My Business E-Workbook contains:

  • * idea-generating worksheets
  • * registration and government contact information
  • * step-by-step guidance for implementing the course material to the student’s own business idea
  • * appropriate questions to ask before launching a business

The Case Studies E-Workbook contains:

  • * practice questions
  • * relevant examples to reinforce learning
  • * answer key

This course has been written so that students can work through the material at the level of detail appropriate for their age and choice of business.  A younger student (age 9-10) would need guidance with some of the modules.  An older student (15+) could work through the material on their own.  Young adults will be able to absorb additional details as they apply the concepts at a deeper level.

For FAQ’s (frequently asked questions), click here.

“This course has a lot of useful points to it, and honestly made me think through what was needed to start running a successful business. I never really realized how much there was to owning a business, but now not only do I understand it with a lot more clarity, I am considerably more excited to see how well my own business works out.  I highly enjoyed this course, and found it incredibly useful. Thank you for putting the time and effort into making it!” – Jon from British Columbia, age 17

“It sure introduced the business concepts of larger more organised businesses in a simple format. Everything was easy to understand for our young lad. The modules are workable chunks of information with an opportunity to process what they learned in a personal workbook that can be printed off for each kid. Terrific! AND the kids can go as deep or as shallow as they need to for their maturity. Very cool.”  – Heidi from Alberta who used the program with her 11 year old son





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