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Stock Market Workshop

(17 customer reviews)


In this highly interactive workshop, students will learn about how the stock market functions by participating in a simulation game. They will form investment teams to trade stocks and bonds in fictitious companies.

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In this highly interactive workshop, students will learn about how the stock market functions by participating in a simulation game. They will form investment teams to trade stocks and bonds in fictitious companies.

Grades: 5-12 (flexible)

When: Fall 2022 – click here to be notified of next time slot

(End time in either session give or take 15 mins – depending on how quickly they decide which stocks to buy!)

Where: Online via Zoom and Google – Students will need real-time access to a Google account for secure collaboration through Google Classroom. It can be their own account or a parent’s (see Google Classroom privacy note below).


Instructor: Leanne Seel, CPA, CA

  • Author of Math-U-See Stewardship – Canadian Supplement (a popular homeschool curriculum)
  • Teaching experience: 11 years homeschooling, 7 years co-op coordinator/teacher, many group classes, workshops and events


Google Classroom privacy note:

We are using Google Classroom for this course to take advantage of its collaboration features. By default, each student’s first name and last name will be visible to other students in the class (email address and all other personal information remains hidden). If this bothers you, you can change your name display on your Google account or use another account with a screen name for the class. Instructions for both options will be provided with registration. I apologize for this inconvenience – I spent a lot of time researching alternatives and Google Classroom provides the best collaboration at a reasonable value. Any other option would increase the price of the course significantly.


Questions? Please feel free to ask! Contact Me.




17 reviews for Stock Market Workshop

  1. alyssaandrocket

    This was a great workshop! The stock market simulation game is really interactive and it really gets you thinking about how the real world market works. It’s a good mix of games and learning at the same time. If I had to take this workshop again, I definitely would.

  2. starwarsimposter

    This course is very interactive! You can play a fun game where you can purchase certain stocks and decide whether to sell or buy, or keep! Along with other interactive activities, you will have a lot of fun with the course.

  3. Marcus

    I really liked this workshop because there were fun activities. I learned a lot about the stock market and investing and enjoyed trading my stocks and making decisions about what to trade with my group. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone. It was especially fun to take this course with my friends.

  4. Susanna

    I give Mrs. Seel’s workshop five stars. When I went, I didn’t know what to expect and when I came home my face wore a smile because I had so much fun and I learned a lot of important information. We played a really fun game for an example of how the stock market works, I would definitely recommend this workshop to others. Thank you Mrs. Seel for making this topic so much fun to learn about.

  5. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned a lot and it was very interactive.

  6. Amanda Citrome

    This course was incredibly informative, engaging and provided my daughter with hands on experience via stock market simulator. Thank you!

  7. Jacob

    Absolutely wonderful course! Mrs. Seel teaches on all sorts of financial investments, although mostly focusing on stocks! Fun short quizzes are often held in a variety of formats, and she also runs an amazing stock market game for people to get a feel of how the stock market works. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about how to invest money!

  8. Tristan

    I really enjoyed this workshop because it was very hands on, and helped me understand a bunch of new concepts that I’ve never explored before. The overall quality of the workshop was good, and the explanations were easy to grasp. Wonderful job, Thanks!

  9. Roberta Bond

    Three of my children, ranging in age from 10 years – 16 years, did the Stock Market Workshop several months ago. Even though there was a large age range, they were all enthusiastic regarding the format and the material. Mrs. Seel’s teaching is engaging and relevant. I highly recommend this workshop!

  10. Tavian

    I really liked that it wasn’t boring. I liked that we didn’t have to study like in a math book but we were able to hang out together to learn. The game was fun and Mrs. Seel made the topic interesting.

  11. Anonymous

    This was a really informative course. There were games and projects to make it more interactive, and it really helped with remembering and applying the concepts we learned in class. Thank you so much!

  12. Anonymous

    This class was amazing! I probably would never heave learned about any of this if i hadn’t taken the class, so now I definitely plan on investing in Stocks int he future with all the helpful advice and information Mrs. Seel taught me. I definitely recommend it!

  13. Noah Gagne

    This was a really good course, you learn a lot about stocks and how to use your money, and have fun at the same time. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to know how the stocks work, or anyone who cares about their money!

  14. Sam

    Was a great course, and lots of fun! The content is great, and the material outside of lectures is really useful for taking the information from class into context. You learn about all sorts of things, from how to invest in stocks wisely, to other great and safer opportunities to invest your money. I wouldn’t have learned about tons of useful information if it weren’t for this course. The teacher is also very friendly and good at explaining the content! 10/10, highly recommend.

  15. Daniel

    Really awesome course. The course helped learn concepts about the stock market and then we were also taught how to apply the knowledge. Overall really awesome.

  16. Tanaeya

    I really enjoyed this course. I loved how it was engaging and the teacher explains things really well. The quizzes and games were also fun. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want the course to end!

  17. Avenlea

    It was a great course, which taught me a lot of things I did not know before!!! And not only do we get to learn but we get to apply it as well! It was a great course!

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