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Personal Income Tax 101 – Stuff Every Young Canadian Should Know

(18 customer reviews)

Class currently on hiatus. Please contact me for details on future sessions.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Course for teens and young adults (turns out many parents have found it useful too!)

Taxes? No problem! In this course, you will learn how to minimize your taxes from your first job right through to buying your first house. We will cover saving money in a TFSA vs. an RRSP, tax breaks for students and why you’ll happily say cha-ching for me when you turn 18.

Course includes a mixture of:

  • ● Interactive quizzes
  • ● Gamified review
  • ● Frequent check-ins where you answer questions using tech

There will be an average of 1-2 hours of homework per week to be completed in between classes. The homework is critical for understanding the material.

Course fee includes:

  • ● 10 hours of class recordings
  • ● Many computer-graded homework questions and tax return practice in addition to the worksheets & solutions provided in the textbook
  • ● Instructor marking of long-answer questions in assignments that can’t be auto-graded, providing detailed feedback
  • ● Software mini-guide PDF download – contains step by step instructions with screenshots for the functions we will use in class (written by me for the purposes of this course – not endorsed by software creators). This can serve as a student reference after the course is completed.
  • ● Q&A email support. The course is very comprehensive so email questions are rare. However, I am available to help students any time a question arises and will reply within 1 business day.

Detailed course outline available here.

Instructor: Leanne Seel, CPA, CA

  • ● 20+ years of ongoing personal tax experience in a professional capacity
  • ● Completed CPA Canada’s 2-year In-depth Tax Program (a series of courses designed for CPAs who specialize in tax)
  • ● Author of Math-U-See Stewardship – Canadian Supplement (a popular homeschool curriculum)
  • ● Teaching experience: 11 years homeschooling, 7 years co-op coordinator/teacher, many group classes, workshops and events


You will need: 

  • ● A laptop or desktop computer with StudioTax 2020 version installed. Studiotax can be downloaded and used free of charge. You only need to pay the software license fee if you print or file a return. While we will be preparing returns in this course using the software, we won’t actually be filing any of them with Canada Revenue Agency. So, no software license fee required. Find Studiotax here.
  • ● Required text (authored by me): Math-U-See Stewardship – Canadian Supplement OR Math-U-See Stewardship – Canadian Supplement ebook version – order & pay for this with the publisher and they will ship it directly to you. It’s okay if you don’t receive the text before the first class – just order it as soon as you can. ⇒ Note that the text is part of a Christian financial stewardship program. For our purposes, we are going to use the Canadian supplement book on its own. The Canadian Supplement and this course focus on Canadian tax issues only and are faith neutral.
  • ● Google account – class work will be distributed through Google Classroom (see note below)

Google Classroom privacy note:

We are using Google Classroom for this course to take advantage of its collaboration features. By default, each student’s first name and last name will be visible to other students in the class (email address and all other personal information remains hidden). If this bothers you, you can change your name display on your Google account or use another account with a screen name for the class. Instructions for both options will be provided on registration. I apologize for this inconvenience – I spent a lot of time researching alternatives and Google Classroom provides the best collaboration at a reasonable value. Any other option would increase the price of the course significantly.

Questions? Please feel free to ask! Contact Me.

18 reviews for Personal Income Tax 101 – Stuff Every Young Canadian Should Know

  1. Guest

    This is a really great course! You will learn all the basics about taxes, while doing interactive activities and doing your own fictional tax returns. With all the movie references too, this is a really good course.

  2. Guest

    This is an amazing, informative course. It’s engaging with fun activities that also make all the concepts easier to understand. All of this information will make you feel more confident about taxes and all that stuff in general, and you will come out of it with so much more knowledge.

  3. Anonymous

    This is a really good course it helped me understand taxes and how to do it. He interactive activities helped me to get a good hold on it

  4. Robyn

    This is an amazing course. Mrs. Seel takes you through it in an engaging and easy to understand way. She was always willing to answer questions to ensure we understood. The homework is practical and helpful.

  5. Susan Harlan

    Leanne is a great teacher, and has lots of experience. Two members of our family took it, and now know so much more about how to do their taxes. They also took the financial investing course, and it was equally informative for them.

  6. Rebekah

    Amazing class. Very well put together and easy to understand. The book and slides are great reference tools and I know I’ll be referring back to them until I get the full hang of it all. Mrs. Seel has put together a really good course that should be taken by everyone before needing to file taxes. She leads you through so many aspects that can save you time, money and a headache in a fun, interesting and engaging way.

  7. Anonymous

    Awesome course! Clear, concise and easy to understand. You will get to file Luke Skywalker’s, Jabba the Hut’s and Darth Vader’s tax returns, and play competitive quiz games. I’m starting an Etsy shop and with tax season coming up, i can definitely use the stuff I’ve learned. Highly recommend.

  8. Anonymous

    This course was awesome! I learned so much info that i never would have learned otherwise, and the class was both fun and interactive. Leanne taught the class in such a way that everything I learned is going to stick with me forever!

  9. Simon

    Great course! Everything was explained really well and every time I had a question it was answered. It was very informative and will definitely help me in the near future. The instructor was very helpful and I felt very comfortable with talking to her and answering my questions

  10. Anonymous

    This was a really good course. Mrs. Seel explained the material well and made it fun to learn. I would recommend it to every young adult.

  11. Lucie

    Mrs. Seel is very fun and so easy to understand. I didn’t think taking a class on personal income tax would be fun, but I definitely changed my mind after the first course! She used a specific application and I was always hoping to use it again! There is different homework too. It might not be the most fun, but it really helps to master the concepts. She answered all of my questions even with a full class. Can’t wait to fill my first income tax report this year. 😃

  12. Anonymous

    Nicely organized, this course covers in-depth well-chosen topics presented in a fun and interactive way that encourages participation even if it was done through Zoom. Well done! My daughters are ready to fill their first income tax report.

  13. Joshua

    Mrs. Seel is an excellent teacher who made learning about income taxes fun. The course was very thorough and I learned alot of important and useful strategies. Understanding how to do your own taxes is both a valuable life skill and can save you lots of money! I highly recommended it for every teen.

  14. Daniel

    Great class. I enjoyed every single bit of it

  15. Sarah Nicholls

    It takes a lot for my son to enjoy remote learning, but he loved this class! He said it was fun (especially the games) and really liked how Mrs. Seel teaches the information. While he found the homework a bit repetitive (welcome to filing income taxes!), I saw the value and purpose in those repetitions, so wouldn’t change anything. As a parent, I was grateful for Mrs. Seel’s responsive and very helpful communication. Highly recommend!

  16. Guest

    This class was informative and interesting. She kept us interactive and we played games while learning about useful skills.

  17. Justin Griffith

    Great course overall! This course was well structured, formatted, and taught. I really liked it.

  18. Jazmyne

    Mrs. Seel taught this class very well. Although I am not a math person, I found filling out the tax forms fairly simple. I did struggle a little with some of the manual calculations, but, rest assured, that is not the bulk of the course. Those who are math illiterate, like me, can still succeed in this course. The games were really enjoyable, and they helped to solidify the information in my mind. Everything is practical and valuable and will benefit any young adult. Thank you, Mrs. Seel!

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