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Courses by Instructor



Leanne Seel, CPA, CA


French background
The advantages of having a second language really hit home for me in my teens when I started applying for part-time jobs. It happened more than once that an employer was looking over my resume, said “hmmm, bilingual” and then hired me on the spot. I worked in a customer service role in French for my last year of high school, and I decided that I wanted to take my French immersion school experience even deeper.

For my first year of university, I lived in the Francophone residence and was truly immersed for the eight months that I lived there. I also took about half of the courses for my 4-year Bachelor of Commerce degree in French – including some of the in-depth accounting and income tax courses. Yes, I was am that crazy! 🙂

French continued to open doors for me in my career – I have used it directly on several contracts and indirectly in others.

I wanted my children to have the same advantages that I have with a second language. I had always assumed that I would put them in French immersion at school, so I didn’t bother speaking French to them as infants/toddlers. Then we decided to homeschool so I had to come up with an on-the-fly immersion program for them. I fumbled a bit along the way as I figured out the best approach, but I am absolutely ecstatic that it is working! Both of my kids are fully fluent at this point. We are just refining their grammar and adding to their vocabulary as we continue on this journey. French Sing & Learn was an important part of their learning, and I am really excited to be able to share that with you.

Entrepreneurship background

I have been an entrepreneur since I was a child, starting with lemonade stands and newspaper deliveries. The education required for my CPA designation (4-year Commerce degree, plus additional courses and experience) fanned the entrepreneurship flame, leading to a 7-year partnership in a CPA firm. During that time, my partners and I ran our own business – the firm – and helped countless other entrepreneurs run their businesses through the services we provided.

I now homeschool my children, which is a full-time job in itself, but here I am in business again offering courses and curriculum because I just can’t help myself. Being able to think outside the box like an entrepreneur is so important in today’s economy. I want to teach students to approach business problem solving in such a way that they can run a profitable part-time business now while they study and know what they need to do to open a business later if they so choose. Even if they never run a business at all, knowing how to think like a entrepreneur will help them be an invaluable asset to their future employers and give them an edge in running a household.