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Fun stuff for teaching kids about money and a giveaway


Nothing beats a good game (electronic or not) for teaching kids things without them even realizing it.  While not all money skills can be taught this way, games can be a good starting point.

Board games

A good board game to learn money terminology is the Game of Life (also available as an ios app).  My 7 year old learned a few lessons from this game, like what insurance is – fire insurance, auto insurance, and a bit about life insurance.  She also learned about the concept of retirement and what that means.  Putting money on the number line and spinning the wheel taught her that gambling doesn’t pay.

The counting money aspect of this game was not as useful as Monopoly because the denominations are too high for younger kids to really grasp.  Older kids have already caught on to place value concepts so adding $50,000 to $60,000 doesn’t give them any more educational value than adding $50 to $60.  In another post, I discussed money lessons that can be learned from Monopoly.  You can read those thoughts here.  A word of caution about the Game of Life:  I find this game dreadfully boring.  I used to love it as a kid but no adults would play it with me.  Now I understand why.

Online games

Change Maker is great for younger kids just learning how to count money.  You choose your level of difficulty and your country.  The pictures can be of Canadian money – hurray!  My 5 year old would find even the easiest level of this game too difficult, but my 7 year old would have no problem.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is very well done.  As expected from Disney, the animation is fantastic.  At the beginning of the virtual board game, your child will choose a goal that they want to save for.  As they progress through the board game, they are faced with choices that move them towards or away from their goal.  If your kids can read, then they can play.  More advanced information is also included for older kids, with the option for younger kids to skip information that is too much for them by simply clicking “continue.”  I’ll definitely be getting my kids set up on this one.

Practical money skills is an American web site that has a lot of information on teaching kids about money.  I have not explored the site in great detail, but I did try out a few of the games.   Most of the games that are geared to younger children are rather bland, but Financial Football has options for all ages – under 12, 12-18 and 18+.  The football angle is played up quite a bit with the financial questions thrown in.  For those who prefer soccer, Financial Soccer looks basically the same as far as teaching content goes, but has soccer instead of football.   Two cautions with these games:  They are US-based, so the tax info isn’t going to apply in Canada, and they are sponsored by Visa, so don’t expect anti-consumer debt messages.  The questions promote understanding of financial terms, but from what I saw, they do not highlight the dangers of consumer debt.


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Contest entry

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April 8, 2013

6 responses on "Fun stuff for teaching kids about money and a giveaway"

  1. You have some very practical and easy to implement ideas for teaching children about money. I look forward to reading the book ans passing it on to our children as they get older!

  2. Good practical teaching I can use as homeschooling mom of 4.

  3. Excellent and thank you! How easy is it to use It looks really good!
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  4. This is very neat. Our boys were making money delivering papers once a week but the company went out of business and they lost their job. They’ve been asking for ways for them to make money now.

  5. Okay, be right back. I’m going to play these games with my kids..
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