What types of businesses are covered in this course?

This course is geared towards part-time business ventures that are appropriate for students – unincorporated businesses without employees, long-term commitments or large start-up fund requirements.

What grade level is this for?

This course has been written so that students can work through the material at the level of detail appropriate for their age and choice of business.  Optimal age would be 12-18.  A younger student (ages 9-11) would need parental guidance with some of the material.  Young adults will still find the course incredibly valuable as they are able to take the material to a deeper level.  In fact, many parents have commented that they found the course to be really helpful for themselves as they applied the concepts to their own businesses and professions.  It’s the kind of thing that appeals to a wide age-range.

What can I expect?

How long does it take to do?

This will vary greatly depending on the type of business chosen, the income level and tax situation.  Based on the feedback from previous students, the total time is likely to fall somewhere around 8-25 hours.

How can I learn what I need to know so quickly?

This course will not go into painful levels of business theory.  Instead, it gets to the point and tells you what you actually need to do.

What qualifications do you have to run a course on entrepreneurship?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was a child.  As a Chartered Professional Accountant who spent many years advising business owners while running my own practice with my partners, I have a unique perspective on entrepreneurship – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Can more than one student in the same house use the material together?

Yes, absolutely.  The PDF downloads are yours to keep forever and they can be shared by members of the same family/household.

The videos can be watched as many times and by as many people in your family/household as you like. Lifetime access.

What if I have no interest in running a business?

This course will teach you how to think like an entrepreneur.  Employers are looking for job candidates who are self-starters who can problem solve quickly & creatively.  The skills you will gain from this course will help you in any future career or vocational setting.

How do I know if this will be any good?

Well, a few reasons.  I have credentials and experience, so I’m not just some random person on the internet.  As a Chartered Professional Accountant, I am held to a very high level of professional standards. On  the personal front,  I am the type of person who puts my very all into everything I do.  This course is no exception.  I really do care about my students and I want them to learn and succeed.

The underlying content of this course was beta tested by multiple families and adjusted based on their feedback.  The classes have been presented live multiple times with very positive feedback from students.

For example:

“This course has a lot of useful points to it, and honestly made me think through what was needed to start running a successful business. I never really realized how much there was to owning a business, but now not only do I understand it with a lot more clarity, I am considerably more excited to see how well my own business works out.  I highly enjoyed this course, and found it incredibly useful. Thank you for putting the time and effort into making it!” – Jon from British Columbia, age 17

“It sure introduced the business concepts of larger more organised businesses in a simple format. Everything was easy to understand for our young lad. The modules are workable chunks of information with an opportunity to process what they learned in a personal workbook that can be printed off for each kid. Terrific! AND the kids can go as deep or as shallow as they need to for their maturity. Very cool.”  – Heidi from Alberta who used the program with her 11 year old son

More testimonials are on the course information page.

I have a question that is not listed here – what should I do?

I am more than happy to answer additional questions.  Drop me an email –  leanne at sensiblemoneysolutions dot com and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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