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2 free apps for teaching kids about money

Games and apps are such a great way to teach kids about money because most of the time they aren’t even aware that they are learning!  Here are two apps that have made their way through our house lately:


by GreenStreet Commons, Inc.

greenstreets Free (some related items available for sale on the developer’s web site, but I didn’t buy any)

Available on iPhone, iPad,

When playing this game, kids will earn virtual money by doing environmentally-friendly tasks like planting a garden or cleaning up a mess.   When they earn the money, the game forces a 10% donation to charity and the player gets to divide the rest into saving and spending.

Kids also get the chance to rescue endangered animals and take care of them.  They use the money that they have earned to buy food, toys and other items.   A great lesson in budgeting!

Personally, I thought the app was on the boring side, but my kids liked it quite a bit.  Since it’s free, you can’t really go wrong!

(Click image for download link)

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

by Disney

disney-fairies Free (some in-app purchases, but I turned those off)
Available on iPhone, iPad

When I downloaded this one, I was not expecting a money lesson.  My 7 year old daughter likes fairies and I thought it would be a mindless dress up game.  I was wrong!  This is her current favourite and she is using all her screen time to play.  Creating dresses is part of the game, but she is also learning how to attract customers, earn money (in this case Pixie Dust), and upgrade her shop.  She is managing her staff of animal helpers and learning how to keep them happy while working around their need to sleep.  A great game!

(click image for download link)

What are your favourite apps (on any device) for teaching kids about money? 

June 16, 2014

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  1. Whoever invented these apps deserve a good pat on the back.. Great build up for kids!
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted..recipe secrets couponMy Profile

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